Generator Servicing

To ensure reliable back-up power, generators need to be serviced regularly. Ac automation offer comprehensive servicing and maintenance on a wide variety of generators across the UK and Ireland. We provide the correct parts and components and have a workforce with many years of experience. Supported by our design team we can perform system checks on not just the generator itself, but on the electrical system, the control system and mechanicals.

Generator Hire

In certain circumstances a back up generator may need to be taken out of operation for servicing or repair. AC Automation provide hired diesel generators to cover the shortfall. Our design team and service personnel plan the changeover carefully in advance and take care of all the connections, ensuring any disruption to power is minimal. For larger installation we can provide load banks and cabling to ensure safe servicing and testing.

Service Plus

In addition to standard servicing we offer a range of maintenance options. We provide a reactive call out service, which operates within a few hours of any reported problems. A comprehensive planned preventive maintenance package includes periodic inspections, logging, and assistance with paperwork. We also offer an in-house designed remote monitoring solution which affords 24Hr monitoring and response, and allows comprehensive customer monitoring from any internet equipped computer.