Large scale projects.

AC Automation provide power to a wide range of customers. We are responsible for some of the largest generator installations in Northern Ireland. Providing a generator is just a small part of this process, we design complete mechanical, electrical and control systems which integrate into your existing infrastructure. Electrically we size generators, perform complex fault analysis, integrate with mains network and design protection systems to protect plant. Mechanically we design exhaust systems, fuel systems, sound attenuation and co-ordinate the installation. Our designers are adept at creating complex control system using PLC & SCADA from a wide range of suppliers. Ac Automation mange the project from design to installation to commissioning. We interact closely with consultants and handle the required paperwork.

Command Centre SCADA

AC Automation have developed a Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) system which enables 24 Hr control and monitoring of generators spread throughout the country. This project uses cutting edge technology which enables control of generators over broadband or the 3G network. A manned control unit may dispatch engineers within minutes of a fault occurring. Customers may receive instant e-mail notifications of generator activity, as well as automated periodic reports. A ground breaking feature of our SCADA allows the customer to log in and see the status of their generators in real time. An easy to use interactive map and 3D graphical display mean the information is easily interpreted. Control of the generators will only be allowed from the command centre itself. The SCADA enables your generator to act as part of AGU /DSU and create a source of income.

Belfast City Hospital

4 X 2MVA, 11KV generators synchronising to the mains. Touchscreen local control, dual redundant master plc, triple SCADA and fibre optic ring.

Guy’s Hospital, London

3 X 3.6MVA, 11KV, mains back up. Touchscreen local control, dual redundant master plc, touchscreen master control.