Energy focus

AC Automation offer engineering solutions that can reduce energy bills by focussing on renewable energy sources and highly efficient generation. We can help you perform an energy analysis and advise on the best solution to fit your situation. This may be a combination of traditional back up generators, solar power, CHP plant and inclusion in an aggregated energy plant, where your equipment can create an income.


Ac Automation have completed many large solar installations on an industrial level. Our workforce and engineers are qualified solar installers and can asset in coming up with the best Solar solution to meet your needs including ensuring the correct orientation of panels to maximise return, integration of the panels into your existing electrical infrastructure and finding the right invertor.


Combined Heat and power generators provide increased efficiency by utilising the heat from the generator to reduce your energy bills. The heat generated by the engine is usually wasted, expertly designed canopied CHP units, enable this energy to be fed back into the local surroundings to boost heating systems. In addition the units operate in parallel to the mains to release load from the mains, reducing utility bills.

Aggregated Generator Unit / Demand Side Unit.

Wouldn’t it be great if you generator could act as an additional revenue source, well it could do so as part of a larger system. An aggregated generator unit (AGU) is made up of multiple smaller generators, which when combined act as a back up the the mains, for periods where demand is high and generation is insufficient. The generator may synchronise to the mains and export power (AGU) or may simply take the local load, reducing demand on the system (Demand Side Unit). Either way you could earn revenue by simply having your generator available to participate, even if is never asked to run.