Power Generation

AC Automation provide Power Generation Solutions to businesses across Northern Ireland and beyond.

With over 25 years of experience, our team can provide your power requirements whatever the circumstance.

Our expertise ranges from basic turn key generators to complex bespoke installations using the latest technology.

Customer Service

To ensure reliable back up power, AC Automation provide a comprehensive generator service and maintenance solution for corporate clients and commercial institutions.

We provide routine services, planned preventive maintenance and rapid problem response for generators and have a unique solution for remote monitoring and control.


AC Automation have engineers and an installation team with over 20 years of local experience, providing power under difficult circumstances. We have exceptional knowledge & experience in power generation and can handle even the most complex projects, whether that be challenging mechanical installations, high level electrical fault analysis, or dual redundant master plc fibre optic control systems. We are keen to utilise latest technology and offer a custom SCADA package which allows complete monitoring of your system from any internet connected computer.